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Fresh Herb Teas

Creating fresh herb teas is a unique and beautiful way of experiencing herbal tea. Restaurants can grow a selection of herbs in planters that can be cut fresh to create bouquets of herbs and flowers for serving as fresh herb teas.

With our COVID-era of business operation, takeaway options can be added to drinks menus and the fresh herb bouquets can be supplied sprinkled with cold water and in a sealed plastic bag for the customer to transport alongside their takeaway meal.

Visit our website to learn more about our Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass for Professionals: www.HerbalTeaBlending.com 
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My Pathway to Herbal Beverage Formulation As THE HERBALIST


This video shows the evolution of THE HERBALIST craft beer brand beginning in 2015.  I used the same techniques to blend the herbs that go into our range of craft beers that I now am teaching in my Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass for Professionals.

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Welcome to our Herbal Tea Blending Blog

welcome Jun 08, 2020


This masterclass was created for professionals within the food and beverage industry. 

It is designed to teach the art of blending herbal flavour-based teas, so restaurant owners, executive chefs along with other professionals, can create their own herbal tea blends that can be paired with meals on their menus and so those same teas can be packaged and sold at retail to inhouse patrons and to online shoppers as well.

With today's consumers desiring caffeine-free and healthy drinking options along with less waste and sustainability-focused growing, herbal teas offer the ability to meet the demands of today's customers in every way.

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